Coastal Hand Therapy provides kinesio taping, which can assist with scar management, function and reducing pain, therefore helping to assist a patient's recovery.

Kinesio taping is believed to have different benefits on injuries and muscle treatments, including:

  • It helps reduce pain by modulating how nociceptors (pain receptors) process. It lifts skin, hence reducing pressure on these fine subcutaneous nociceptors.
  • It can have a positive impact on range of movement through increasing the blood circulation in the taped areas.
  • It can increase the feeling of muscle strength by producing a concentric pull on the fascia(under skin) which may stimulate muscle contraction.

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REFERENCE: Williams, S., Whatman, C., Hume, P. and Sheerin K., 2012 Kinesio taping in treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Sports Medicine, 42(2), pp.153-164.