We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Suzanne is so grateful to all of her mentors and colleagues from around the world.

Please see Suzanne's personal tribute to her dear friend and mentor, Dr Harold E. Kleinert: On the Shoulders of Giants. Here's an excerpt:

"It is in part because of Dr Kleinert I feel such a profound responsibility to teach and take on university students, to volunteer and undertake my medical missionary work and to treat patients, especially our chronic rheumatoid patients, as friends."

Some of Suzanne's inspirational mentors and friends included in the image gallery below include:

  • Susan Blackmore: One of Suzanne's biggest mentors. Sue is the National Director of Hand Therapy at Select Medical in the USA and is a board member of HTCC. A long time volunteer, Sue is an inspirational teacher.
  • Dr Raja Sabapathy: A friend and mentor for over 30 years since they worked and trained together at Louisville Hand Surgery in Kentucky under Dr Harold Kleinert, Dr Luis Scheker and a team of eminent hand surgeons who were one of the leading hand surgery units in the world. Dr Sabapathy is now one of the leading Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Asia. He is regarded as a world expert in hand surgery and Microsurgery. He is possibly the most generous man Suzanne knows undertaking significant charity work, fund raising, teaching and training surgeons and therapists around the world, as well as helping to train Bhutan’s first Plastic Surgeon. He has kindly given much of his time and expertise to operate on several mutual patients from Bhutan who have sustained severe hand injuries or burns. Dr Sabapathy is inspirational and leads by example.
  • Dr Birgitta Rosen: An Associate Professor (OTPhD) at the Department of Hand Surgery, Skane University Hospital, Lund University in Sweden. Birgitta is currently the uncontested world authority on sensory re-education following nerve injury. She has authored over 80 articles, published 6 book chapters and has spoken and taught all over the world. An inspirational teacher, mentor and friend – every patient of Suzanne's who is recovering from a nerve injury has benefited from Dr Rosen’s research and teaching.
  • Professor Esther May: The Executive Dean at the University of South Australia and Dean of Health and Clinical Education and Equity. Esther inspired Suzanne to train as a hand therapist in 1982, when she gave her a series of lectures on hand injuries and anatomy. She taught Suzanne so much about tendon rehabilitation after completing her PHD in Sweden. Esther has always inspired Suzanne to always improve herself, accept challenges and give back.
  • Judy Colditz: An inspirational leader in hand therapy with over 40 years experience working as a gifted clinician. Judy is one of the best custom made splint makers/designers (orthotic devices) and one of the most outstanding lecturers Suzanne has have ever had. Judy is the designer of the PUSH splint, which has helped over a thousand patients in Suzanne's care with debilitating thumb pain.
  • Sarah Ewald: The past president of IFSHT from Switzerland. Sarah is inspiring in her commitment to hand therapy, teaching and service.
  • Katherine Butler: An inspirational friend and colleague of Suzanne. Katherine was initially a student followed by a colleague of Suzanne, before creating London Hand Therapy. Katherine specialises in musicians' injuries.
  • Beatrice Lamb: A dear friend and mentor, Beatrice is a physiotherapist that worked with Suzanne at Chirurgie Saint-Léonard; an eminent hand clinic in St. Gallen in Switzerland.
  • Dr Janine Hareau: A leading hand therapist in Uruguay, Janine is an inspirational teacher who has taught Suzanne so much.