Another fantastic and fulfilling trip to Bhutan from April to May 2017. The Ministry of Health and Royal Government of Bhutan have signed a 'Memorandum of Understanding' with Interplast Australia and New Zealand ensuring our ongoing collaboration over the next three years.

The other partners are JDWNR Hospital, in the capital Thimphu and the University of Medical Sciences.This 4-way partnership will ensure ongoing education and capacity building in Bhutan.

This was Suzanne's ninth trip to Bhutan over the last eight years, since Dr Tsewang Thinley (Orthopaedic Surgeon) and Suzanne established a collaboration. This has led to development of better hand surgery, more comprehensive hand/arm rehabilitation and better outcomes. Interplast have clearly increased that capacity over the past two years and grown the program.

The plastic and reconstructive surgery which Dr Tim Proudman and Dr Robert Coren undertook was really outstanding and not possible for these patients otherwise. Megan Fitzgerald (Hand Therapist) from Melbourne and Suzanne worked with the local physiotherapy team to undertake post-operative care at our Hand Therapy Clinic at JDWNR Hospital in the capital, Thimphu. Suzanne completed formal training to nine local and regional staff, who came to the capital to observe and train in advanced hand therapy rehabilitation.

The donations provided through our charity fund and our very generous patients, provided much needed scar care products, which enhance patient’s results and decrease scar contracture and disfigurement. They would not be available without your support.

Suzanne also visited His Excellency Mr Tandin Dorji (Minister of Health) and his expert team at the Ministry of Health to discuss our outcomes and plans for the next trip. He has been enormously supportive of our program.

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